“We know enough to act; if we do not act now the impact of climate change will be devastating; and we have affordable measures and technologies to begin addressing the problem right now. What we do no have is time. The time for action is now.”.

Ban Ki Moon, UN General Secretary 25/09/2007


Swan Water Solutions S.L

Swan Water Solutions is an Spanish company that is working to apply innovation and optimize irrigation solutions in water usage, which improve urban environment and sustainable efficiency in agriculture production.

Our Goals

  • Offer Products and Solutions requested from our customers, based on capillary irrigation technology.
  • Play a role for creating naturalized and improved urban environments, attractive, with low water and energy usage, and the rest of elements to improve sustainability and cost reduction.
  • Improve water efficiency in Agriculture, optimizing production and reducing costs.
  • Work on development of Sustainable Food Production, by means of integrating horticulture, aquaculture, protein production and waste reutilization.
  • Provide our clients with the best advice and services.

Philosophy & Values

In Swan Water Solutions (SWS) we want to provide solutions to support the transformation of urban environments, agriculture and food production. Philosophy is based on knowledge, teamwork and respect towards people and the environment.

Why Swan Water Solutions?

A company involved in enviromental care
Dia-Medio-Ambiente-2014Our company is commited to environmental focus on water & energy saving, using capillarry irrigation techniques or low pressure/Low flow systems. We are also improving tree integration with our solutions within urban environments to generate benefits for our clients.
Continuously improving thorugh R & D programme
i+d+iThrough innovation and research we develop solutions that add value to our customers, seeking to optimize each.
A highly qualifed team
i+d+iSWS has a young and dynamic team prepared and qualified to carry out any project you need, either as advice or in development.
We provide consultancy in different water-related field
mision-valoresIn Swan Water Solutions know that spaces are unique and our customers’ needs are different, so we offer professional and personalized advice on each of the different business areas that make up our company: Agriculture, Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Food Production, Services and Projects.

Our Solutions