Sustainable Urban Drainage System
(SUDS) + Irrigation System

Maximum use of Rain water


The Perfect
System Combination

The system combines rain water capture & storage with capillary irrigation. Its key feature is the possibility of storage water collected in the months with the higher values or rainfall, and use it for irrigation in the month’s with the higher water requirement, that in our latitude don’t match with the rainy ones.

Versatile Technology for Water Saving

This system can be used on its own or combined with other solutions that Swan Water Solutions (SWS) provide to create complete water cycle management solution for urban environments to be applied in sustainable urbanism.
System is based in a SUDS place above a waterproofing membrane of big surface (7.000 sq. m approx.) easy to install, developed exclusively for the system. Capillary columns are placed within the structure to connect geotextile layer which covers the system, that will distribute water creating a subsurface water table.

System Adventages

Water saving
Compared with traditional on-surface irrigation techniques

Substrate watering
up to field capacity in all the area below soil surface

Storage capability
300 l/sq. m. in a depth less than 35 cms

High load bearing
715 Kn/sq. m allows the substrate deep desired within the área covered by with it
“SUDS + Irrigation combination allows to reduce water demand from sources distant from cities”

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