“People who doesn’t do anything for the conservation of our trees, will soon live in a world which can´t sustain persons”

Sutra budista


We improve Urban Ecology

In Swan Water Solutions (SWS) we provide innovative solutions to improve sustainability of urban green areas, focusing on key elements to improve urban quality of life:

- Water & energy savings on irrigation systems, and smart management irrigation systems.

- Tree integration in urban environment.

- Creation of modular landscaped areas.

- Combined systems of sustainable urban drainage (SUDs) + sustainable irrigation.

Thus we act upon key elements to improve quality of life in Cities.

We shouldn’t forget that 79% of the population in Spain live in cities above 10.000 inhabitants. Apart from the basic function as “urban lungs”, vegetation in cities is perceived by more than 80% of citizens as a key factor to improve urban landscape, especially in the way it is emotionally perceived.

“Landscape is not only a panoramic view or a painting, a framed picture, it has an inner side, as many inner sides as we desire” (Eduardo Martínez de Pisón)

We improve Urban landscape

Urban parks & gardens and urban trees play the role of oasis, surrounded by hard surfaces of building materials, and they improve the urban landscape. It is shown in all studies of Urban Landscape that plant presence is a key factor. The healthier and prosperous plants, leads to better interaction between plants and human built elements, and that gives a better perception from humans. We make resources and technology available that allows Urban Designers, Landscape Architects, Corporate Clients and private Clients, design & build cities in a more sustainable way.

“When we protect water, we protect life” (Eduardo Martínez de Pisón)

Natural Decoration

Our solutions can be used either in outdoor or indoor spaces to be decorated, using the new vegetable varieties developed by our nursery partners. Possibilities for changing the structures expands possibilities, providing depending on seasons, a rich palette of colours, forms and textures.

Swan Solutions

Arboriculture Solutions

In SWS we are fully aware of the benefits of trees in the urban environment, hence we provide technology and solutions for improving the integration of our green friends in urban environments. Systems that improve Tree Root Development. Urban Tree Management demands building solutions that support proper tree root development, which will lead to healthier trees. More information

Mona Plant System

SWS provide solutions and technical support since concept design to finished on-site works and system maintenance, with the aim of improving development conditions for landscaped ares in our cities. Using capillary physics principle, this non-pressurised irrigation system, developed in Sweden through an extensive research in root development under urban condition, it has been used in Europe for more than 30 years. Mona Plant System (MPS) allows a more natural irrigation and feeding of plants. More information

PlantSava System

Due to it is a subsurface irrigation system there aren’t evaporation losses. With PlantSava we care our plants and in addition we take care of our environment. For planters in terraces and gardens. For hanging baskets and troughs. For small urban plots. For indoor planters in homes, office and shopping centres.More information

Sustainable Modular Landscaping

SWS keeps its commitment with improving sustainability in cities, providing solutions for sustainable modular landscaping, with the aim of improving quality of built environments with attractive vegetable elements. Module structures have been designed with different sizes and shapes, with the aim of being used in different environments, allowing proper development of vegetable elements they support. Easing the presence of vegetable elements in cities, it contributes to improve built environments visual and emotional perception. Decoration modular elements can be used in urban environments, corporate buildings, residential areas and private homes. More information

Combined Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) + Sustainable Irrigation

Covering of soil Surface in urban environments by means of building materials used at the present time, it generates different negative side effects. Amongst them it can be cited ‘heat island effect and eliminating on-site rainwater percolation. Solution provided by SWS for the former problems it is a Combined Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) + Capillary Irrigation that stores harvested rainwater allowing it to be directly used with no-energy requirements, sparing the need of an additional irrigation system. More information

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