“In the beginning I thought I was fighting to save rubber-tree, then I thought I was fighting to save Amazon Forests.
Now I realize that I’m fighting to save mankind”
(Chico Méndez, Environemental Activist, Brazil)”


Optimized Results

In Swan Water Solutions we carry out and execute projects, providing professional services, as a complement when applying our solutions and integrating the ones provided by our technological partners.

With our R & D programmes, we develop our competence and knowledge in water usage and management in agriculture, improving sustainability in cities (capillary irrigation, tree integration in urban areas, modular landscaping elements…) and sustainable food production with multiple integrated systems.

“If you think one year ahead sow a seed. If you think ten years ahead plant a tree”. (Chinese poet, 500 B.C.)».

SWAN Services

asesoramiento-y-gestion-del-uso-de-aguaTo optimize the use of water, energy and fertilizers, SWS provides consulting and in-depth study of the irrigation system used by its customers, and after analyzing them, we propose solutions for their management in order to optimize inputs usage, with the aim of reducing costs and their environmental impact.
  imagen proyectos agriculturaSWAN WATER SOLUTIONS is your technological partner for the development of advanced projects of subsurface or buried agricultural irrigation, automation and fertirrigation. SWAN carries out integral projects: from the design, installation, start-up, maintenance and technical advice of subsurface located irrigation systems (KISSS system), for vineyard, olive, citrus, almond, peach, alfalfa, etc.).
paisajismo-y-jardineriaIn SWS we believe that for improving landscaped areas with time, it is essential to elaborate an adequate project since its inception. Wrong decisions taken in the initial stages could lead to meaningful cost increases in maintenance. We introduce sostenibility criteria since the initial steps of concept design, to achieve a positive effect in the maintenance stage of the Project. We intend to have results with exceptional landscaping quality, with a high value enhancement in the tree element of their design, optimizing irrigation systems, and their environmental balance, using modern technology and executing works with higly skilled & motivated staff.
From SWS we elaborate projects for sustainable landscaped areas with the goal of creating beautiful spaces, where plant species development move forward and improves as time is passing by, reaching its maturity. Those spaces can be enjoyed from their outside and within them, where trees can become true urban forests, looking for sustainability in the elements required for their maintenance e.g. organic matter, water, energy…
proyecto oficinas verdesSWAN offers Consulting in Biophilia Projects and related designs to Nature in public and private buildings, offices, hotels, etc. SWAN in its project «Cities + Green» projects green buildings with designs that naturalize the spaces, following Sustainable Development objectives (SDG), which contribute to obtaining LEED®, BREEAM®, WELL, GREEN …

The Green Buildings and Offices contribute to the naturalization of the urban environment, these spaces inspire, connect and improve the quality of life of the people. These «more natural spaces» create healthier environments, with purer indoor air, contributing to the reduction of the sick building syndrome.


opcion 2 proyecto smat cities

SWAN is a consultant in the design of a «strategic framework of sustainable and intelligent green areas» for municipalities, cities, regions … «Green intelligence framework». SWAN is a consultant in the development of Intelligent Solutions for the optimization of the management of the Green Areas of the Cities.
The design of a «Strategic Framework of Sustainable and Intelligent Green Zones» will allow obtaining benefits that will directly and indirectly report on Citizens, Maintenance Companies, Administration and the Environment. The implementation is done sequentially and integratively, for a city or for several municipalities together. With the implementation of technological tools, allowing an appreciation of the Green Areas. Interconnecting the different solutions or Phases with each other: IRRIGATION TELEMANAGEMENT; SENSORING AND MONITORING, RFDI, NFC, QR …COMUNICATION, etc.

integracion-del-arboladoSWS are the technical partner for Building Contractors, Local Councils and other entities, which cannot count on specific arboriculture specialist in their structure, and they would require to elaborate Projects for Urban Tree Integration. We propose an adequate tree species selection, depending on project location, technical built solutions for proper tree establishment and development, and the tree maintenance program.
jardineria-modularFor paved areas in cities, office parks, and shopping centres or either private gardens, using our sustainable landscaping modules allows to create beautiful spaces. In SWS we use capillary irrigation systems in those modules, looking for a better development in plants, optimizing water and fertilizer usage with no leaking. In SWS we offer with our solutions, unique projects, with a colour plant combination, in accordance with customer’s requirement, as well as outdoor and indoor landscaping.
fitodepuradorasPhytodepuration consist on treating urban/industrial waste water using plants. That can be done by means of constructed wetlands or other systems. In SWS we work with floating helophytes due to their advantages:
– Higher treating capacity on water volume, for not using an inert substrate.
– No silting of inert substrate spares substrate change and costs derived from that operation.
– Differential water flowlines don’t appear.
– Minor sludge production due to depuration processes.
– Easy cut of the helophytes in the channels.
– Minor building costs.
– Very low energy cost (mainly in pre-treatment stages, due to oxygen is placed in water through plants).
– These system can replace a conventional waste-water treatment facility, or used complementing a conventional one.
– Phytodepuration is strongly recommended for places with no resources for maintaining a traditional system, or installation would be done on an isolated area. These systems are advised for building a facility respectful with environment, or to complete effluent treatment in a conventional installation.
huertos urbanosNaturalized areas, including Urban Plots, for their high social value, they have arisen at the present moment a great interest in Local Councils, Other Organizations, Public and Private Companies. Urban Plots are used to produce horticulture plants for self-supply.
Management plan is different depending on the entity, providing a single plot for a single person, or a wider area for an association for a defined time range, depending on the existing demand. Others organize horticulture and environmental courses from one week duration till some months, requesting inscription fees.
From SWS we elaborate, develop and manage Ecological Urban Plots Projects, with the purpose of optimizing water and energy usage. In addition with SWS solutions and products, those plots can be placed in areas without soil e.g. terraces, paved areas.
SWS offers technical consulting service in all of its working areas, providing our customers an adequate solutions and monitoring its application if required, with the goal of giving a follow-up service for the proposed solutions. We are specialists in elaborating Expert Technical Reports in a wide working range (agriculture, environment, industrial, food production…) Expert Valuation of trees, Landscaped Areas. Maintenance Plan Elaboration for Landscape Areas, Validating of them to comply contract requirements, with water usage criteria, for optimizing quality services and minimizing costs.
In SWS we provide training to: farmers, irrigation communities, technicians of environmental department, landscaped areas management, and landscape professionals, in Irrigation Management Systems, Landscaped Areas Maintenance Management, Tree integration techniques in Urban Environment, Sustainable Agriculture, etc.

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