PlantSava System


Using the combination between water extraction capability from the plant root system and substrate capillary, healthier and stronger plants are developed.

MPS PlantSava deposits are ideal to place at the bottom of pots and containers.

They require only to be filled with water and the proper fertilizer and leave the plants to take themselves water and feed they require.


Indoor and outdoor planting.
Available in a range of sizes to fit different sizes of containers.
It can be placed at different depths to adapt to the different sizes of plant root system.
Water storage from 1 l up to 25 l.

System Advantages

With PlantSava System plants consume what they need, avoiding desiccation for water scarcity or rot appearance for water excess.

Because it is a subsurface irrigation system, there is no water loss due to evaporation.

With PlantSava, we care our plants and our environment.

Capillary irrigation guarantees proper plant care and their root development, what it helps to obtain healthy plants and minimum water use.
Plant root system is developed in a healthier way than occasional surface watering.

Water storage up to 25l

Buried PlantSava deposits allow water storage, reducing watering frequency with intervals or some weeks, depending on plants and their location. They allow us to go on holidays not worried about plants.

Deposits can adapt to any pot or planter with different sizes and shapes, indoor or outdoor, allowing to use in any planter a self-watering system.

Ideal for being used with planters at home, offices, terraces… etc


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