Mona Plant System

A versatile irrigation system suitable for outdoor & indoor plantings


A Highly Flexible System

Using capillary physics principle, this system developed in Sweden has been used in Europe for more than 30 years.
A versatile system suitable for indoor and outdoor plantations which has the advantage that all items are 100% recyclable

How it Works?

It is composed by a system of water storing tanks that can be filled from surface or by means of an automated irrigation line.
Roots absorb water when they need it, and through capillary, water is extracted from tanks. Root ball is developed in a healthier way than with occasional watering from surface

Multiple Configurations

Flexible connections between tanks allow multiple configurations that can adapt to curved zones and irregular shapes. Level changes can be perfectly handled, fitting properly in great planters, stairs and roof gardens
System can be used also with species with shallow root systems e.g. seasonal planting areas, roundabouts, parks…

System Adventages

Water savings
Compared with tree pit Surface watering
Possibility of being used without/with automation
Expansion of watering intervalls
When used in non-automated irrigation
It can be used in containers of different sizes, zones with different levels and roof gardens
Multiple configurations
Thanks to its connection flexibility
Of being used with species with shallow root system
Quick establishment
Of plants and healthy development of root system with a lower water use
«Using capillary irrigation systems means a considerable change in irrigation management as of today»

Continuous moisture

Ring configurations are specially recommended to water big container, either outdoor or indoor locations. They help to a quick establishment of plants and a healthy development of root system, providing a continuous moisture supply around root ball, key factor in the initial stage for establishing after plantation.

Plant Sava Deposits

For small containers PlantSava deposits can be use. They have to be placed at the bottom of the container. Once the deposit is filled with water or water & fertilizer, plants will feed on their own.
Fertilizer applied in water with this system has a better efficiency than when it is used in surface irrigation, because we don’t have percolation losses.

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