Capillary Irrigation System

What is it?

It is the most advanced subsurface irrigation system in the world and represents a milestone in green technology. It has been developed through years of research with leading Australian universities and CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization).

KISSS applies water to the roots at a rate that approaches the capillary absorption capacity of the soil more than any other system.

Its unique, patented design significantly reduces water flow required for irrigation, saving water aroung 50% relative to a surface drip irrigation, resulting suitable for conditions of water scarcity, or for individuals, companies and entities aware of the value of water and the need for its saving and care.







System Advantages

Reduces water excess and water losses
through percolation and surface runoff

Economy of water,fertilizers and pollution control.
Irrigation with precision and maximum efficiency, with uniform distribution, controlled and localized essential nutrients. Phytotoxicity, contamination of aquifers and losses are limited by leaching, demotion and volatilization

Eases machinery works
, tillage operations can be made while plantation is being watered because the soil surface remains dry
Possibility of application of other products
using the irrigation system as correctors, herbicides, nematicides, fungicides, soil disinfectants etc

Allows use of low agronomic quality water and soil
(aguas y suelos salinos, suelos excesivamente permeables, suelos con excesiva pendiente, etc.)
Plant energy requirements are reduced
by an easier water and nutrient absorption, due to keep optimal levels of moisture, nutrients and aeration in soil/substrate

Tecnology conceived for Saving

Water capillary movement separated from soil surface helps to eliminate evaporation losses, besides it reduces significantly deep percolation losses

System also allows for an improvement in the efficiency of fertigation, reducing the consumption due to less evaporation and deep percolation

«Using capillary irrigation systems it means a considerable change in irrigation management as of today».

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