Capillary Irrigation System

The LOG delivers water and oxygen directly to the plants roots where it is needed most. By installing a LOG tank at the base of your planter the plant can be easily watered but at a much reduced frequency.

The LOG tank is easily installed at the base of the planter and then covered with soil ready for planting. The tank is filled through the filler pipe, a float in the filler pipe will tell you when the reservoir is full. The water then travels from the roots upwards for up to 6 weeks without the need for refilling.

The system helps your plants establish a healthy root system, which means healthy looking plants.

sistema-riego-logg-aplicacionReservoir of irrigation of 24 l. For large planters.
Diameter: 54 cm; Height: 15 cm; Volume: 24 liters.
Tanker fits planter with a inside diameter from 55 cm to 110 cm.
Alternatively, the 55 x 55 to 100 x 100 cm.
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sistema-riego-logg-aplicacionReservoir of irrigation of 14 l. For espherical planters.
Diameter: 58 cm; Height: 9 cm; Volume: 14 liters.
Tanker fits planter with a inside diameter from 65 cm to 94 cm.
Alternatively, the 65 x 65 to 90 x 90 cm.
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sistema-riego-logg-aplicacionReservoir of irrigation of 47 l. For large planters.
Diameter: 74 cm; Height: 15 cm; Volume: 47 liters.
The idea is suitable for vessels from 75 cm in inner diameter to 130 cm.
Alternatively, the 75 x 75 to 120 x 120 cm.
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sistema-riego-logg-aplicacionReservoir of irrigation of 70 l. For large planters.
Diameter: 88 cm; Height: 15 cm; Volume: 70 liters.
The thought fit to vessels that have a inside diameter from 95 cm to 150 cm.
Alternatively, the 95 x 95 to 140 x 140 cm.
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sistema-riego-logg-aplicacionReservoir of irrigation of 40 l. For large pots.
Ø90cm, H15cm, 40L.
Shaped like a ring, so you can fit a large bush in the middle of the urn and flowers all around, the hole in the middle of the tank is Ø40cm.
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  • Wide range of applications: Patio display containers; Indoor foliage; Outdoor foliage; Large planters; Remote locations; Shrubs; Window boxes; Hanging baskets
  • Reduces maintenance costs: 100% water efficient; Reduces watering frequency by up to six weeks; Reduces liquid fertiliser; concentration by up to 75%.
  • Eco-friendly: Reduces water consumption; Reduces maintenance frequency; Made from recycled and recyclable material.
  • Promotes plant growth: Prevents over or under watering; Aerates soil.
  • Highly versatile and easy to install: Suitable for interior & exterior landscaping; Portable and available in many shapes and sizes for a variety of landscaping requirements; Controls root spread so can be used in any terrain;No need for mains electricity or water supply;Ideal for shallow planting environments.

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