“It is estimated that Agriculture consumes 70% of fresh water used in the world
our challenge is to achieve an increase in production using less amount of water ”


More Efficient Agriculture

With an increasing demand and limited resources, the present agricultural production scheme requires optimizing the use of all the inputs required in the cultivation process. In that process, Society gets environmental benefits, and Growers benefit from increased economic revenues. The rising tendency in production costs can be faced with the reduction in the use of inputs for production.

Energy Saving

At the present moment in Spanish agriculture, irrigation management depends on energy efficiency in the different irrigation systems used. Swan Water Solutions provides solutions to save energy and water in agriculture. After water percolation, once the soil profile reaches its field capacity, water movement takes place due to the capillary physics principle. That movement is driven by particles and fluid potential and it does not require any energy. The lowest energy required to place water in the soil, the highest energy saving.

“Earth is our home, let’s protect and take care of It because on that depends the Future of many generations”.

We provide  the best Solution

Kisss System - subsurface irrigation system consisting of a dripper line coated by a technical geotextile with an impermeable base to avoid percolation and a baffle at the top side. Water is supplied by the drip line and is absorbed and transferred along the geotextile 10,000 times faster than in a loamy soil. Soil absorbs water from the geotextile by capillary action More information




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